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The pimps know it, and so does Lindsey, and that's why she was scanning the crowds looking for that fresh young face Lindsey didn't exactly consider herself a pimp, but she did supply rich ladies with sweet young things, after of course sampling the wares first! Out of the corner of her eye she saw her, a blonde, "About eighteen," Lindsey figured, "nice build, big tits!" Quickly she made her way over to the young girl and introduced herself, "H?i, my name is Lindsey, I'm here to help you, see those three fellas over by the phone, they're pimps, and they're here to recruit you, come with me and I'll protect you!!!" Taking the blonde haired girl by the arm, Lindsey led her up the stairs and onto Clark Street where she had her car parked

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. "Very nice, very nice," repeated Lindsey, "my friends will just love you!!!" Now afraid to speak, Erin could only wonder what Lindsey meant by "friends"!!! Still only eighteen, and even though she had a very well developed chest, the rest of Erin's body was still that of a very young girl, with slim hips, and just a smattering of light blonde fuzz on her puffy vaginal lips. "Here, let me help you out of those dirty clothes," offered Lindsey, "you must be aching all over after such a long bus ride!!!" Feeling a little odd about having an older woman help her undress, Erin allowed Lindsey to begin removing her things

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. . Satisfied that she had truly achieved orgasm, Steve finally withdrew as Sarrah continued to shudder for another few seconds

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