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He pulled the covers up and kissed her head. Please enjoy Scotch Bonnet- Chapter 2 After Tammy had left the room he had to wait a few minutes, although only a brief encounter with Tammy his cock was hard as a steel rod . 'Your so big!!' She moaned in his ear, 'so thick' she moaned softly. . With that attitude, she thought, he would make an excellent pet, pleasuring her in the fear of pain. He felt her touch and tensed for the moment of death, her breasts against his back, her cock against his ass, her hands wrapping around his body to hold him, her tail snaking around his waist, he felt her lips brush against his ear, her hands working up under his shirt to caress his skin, “Tell me your name and I will let you live…” she whispered, her tongue flicking out across his ear as he hugged the wall
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” he said, swallowing a little as he drank in her display, despite the extra equipment she possessed, he knew once he controlled her he would never need to worry about it. Info link Well Vanessa had a friend and her name was Sarah and Mom said Vanessa was allowed to have a friend over but I was not. And well to make a long story short we fucked like two wild dogs foe several hours

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